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Malaysia, known for its rich heritage and diverse landscapes, is also rapidly emerging as a technological and industrial powerhouse in Southeast Asia. Central to this transformation is the incorporation of advanced systems and machinery that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and support sustainable development. Among these pivotal systems, the heat exchanger stands out, playing an integral […]
Enjoy Cool Air
Whenever you need to provide your home with a traditional air conditioner, you should consider the option of choosing a portable air conditioner instead. This type of conditioner can be moved from a location to another, and one of its greatest advantages is that it doesn’t require a permanent installation. When it comes to portable […]
A PBX system can be confusing as well as hard when it comes to choosing a suitable one. Looking at how your organization uses the phone services in the present is the best way to help make a right decision. The most important determinants of the kind of phone services you will use are the […]
There are all types of refrigerator parts; a few that you can purchase as a user, and others that ought to be bought by your technician. It appears as if a few items in your refrigerator constantly require fixing for one reason or another. One ideal illustration is the endings of the door shelves. Whether […]
An IP camera is a digital video designed a camera that use an internet connection to send, receive and record data to a computer or sound cloud. It has high-quality features than the traditional used CCTV cameras. Common knowledge on IP cameras There exist some quality manufacturers who create high technology surveillance cameras. It is […]
Ventilation ducts or air ducts are installed in almost all the houses and industries of Malaysia today. The ventilation ducting manufacturers in Malaysia have increased by a remarkable figure and more number of people are buying them to install in their houses for one reason or the other. Ventilation ducts, also known as air ducts […]


  • Worldaircond sets the benchmark in the Heat Exchanger Malaysia sector, offering advanced HVAC solutions that blend cutting-edge technology with industry expertise. Dive into a range of state-of-the-art products tailored for peak efficiency, durability, and unmatched performance to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic marketplace.
  • Senconix, founded in 2022, leverages over 20 years of expertise as a distinguished Degson Distributor. They're committed to advancing industrial communication and energy transfer solutions, ensuring client satisfaction with superior product quality.
  • Asia plus Automation supply all types of time recorder machine and electronic time recorder in Malaysia. Find out more at Royaltech website.
  • GVW is a well known stainless steel manufacturer in Malaysia distribute different design of Stainless steel rack to whole Malaysia. Contact GVW for more detail.
  • Ultra Span is a leading company specialist in wastewater treatment in Malaysia. Their fabricated equipment has been tested and proven in wide range of processes and projects and have been successfully installed in many countries, notably, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Uzbekistan, etc. Consult Ultra Span for more detail.

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