Understanding a Ventilation Duct system

Ventilation ducts or air ducts are installed in almost all the houses and industries of Malaysia today. The ventilation ducting manufacturers in Malaysia have increased by a remarkable figure and more number of people are buying them to install in their houses for one reason or the other. Ventilation ducts, also known as air ducts are totally associated with the heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning system of the house (HVAC). They are known to be the pathways for a cooled or heated air that eventually travels throughout your home, thereby keeping the temperature of your house stable. The installation of the ventilation ducts is done by the ventilation ducting manufacturers of Malaysia and this entire system and installation demands a good care as well as cleaning on the regular intervals of time. Air duct cleaning is known to be the process of removing all kinds of dusts and various other contaminants which gather over the time inside your ductwork. The air ducts or ventilation duct systems are considered to be the circulatory system for the home and hence it is very important to take care of them and to maintain them properly.

Since the ductwork is mostly located out of the sight such as above the ceilings or behind the walls of your house, the proper maintenance such as cleaning of the ventilation ducts becomes an easy affair to neglect. A number of people often forget to inculcate the process of cleaning their air duct into their routine, which further creates a problem in its overall functioning as well as mechanism. At the same time, an unclean air duct decreases the overall quality of the air inside the house.

Mechanism of the ventilation duct installed in the houses:

The duct or air distribution system which is used for the purpose of heating or cooling the home refers to a collection of the tubes which carry out the task of distributing heated or cooled air into the different rooms of your house. This entire branching network of rectangular or round tubes are constructed of the sheet metal, flexible plastic-and-wire composite or fiberglass board within the house. The ventilation ducting manufacturers in Malaysia design their duct system to supply the rooms with the air which is condition. The air after getting conditioned is returned in the same volume to the HVAC equipment.

Any typical air duct system loses around 40 percent of its heating or cooling energy put out by the way of heating or cooling system. The problem of leaks in the duct system causes the conditioned air to lose itself in the duct only, thereby making the HVAC system function harder and increasing your utility bill. This leakage of duct also lessens the level of comfort and becomes a threat to your health and safety.

The duct system installed in the homes comprises of two air-transfer systems, namely supply and return. The former side deliver the air so conditioned to the home via individual room registers. The latter one withdraws the air from the inside and delivers the same into the air handler of the central system.

All the air drawn into return duct is conditioned and the same is required to be delivered back via the supply registers.


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